We are all aware of health insurance; however, refrain from contributing. Health insurance is an asset as it covers an individual’s medical expenses, operation costs and medication expenses for his life tenure. Unexpected illness can cause a big hole in the pocket. If you have insurance, you can easily get coverage with the funds and move on with the treatment process.

In Kenya, health insurance is not mandatory. However, Kenyans are highly encouraged to avail of any preferable type of health insurance for their own benefit. If employed in Kenya, you can get affordable health insurance from your employers as a part of your perks and benefits. However, many agencies offer private health insurance in Kenya for unemployed people. There are many healthcare options with a wide range to choose from. Avail of the affordable ones and get yourself insured against diseases.

What are the different types of health insurance coverage present in Kenya?

Maternity coverage

This coverage is available for women who are working under Kenyan employers. However, you can also buy maternity coverage from private health insurers in Kenya. This insurance covers hospitalisation costs, delivery and labour costs, and illness costs during the maternity period. You will also get coverage for costs concerning C-section birth, pre and post-deliver complications, home or normal deliveries, and professional costs associated with the same.

Medium to high-cost coverage

Employers generally give these insurance coverages, varying depending on the employee’s salary. For instance, the calculation is simple. For the high-paid employees, the insurance coverage is high, and for the low to medium paid, the coverage is also low. Depending on the policy, this coverage also protects against funeral costs.

Inpatient insurance coverage

These types of policies provide coverage for hospital accommodations, post-hospitalisation expenses and doctor’s fees. In simple words, if you’re planning for surgery, then inpatient coverage is the one you need.

Outpatient insurance coverage

These policies are generally coupled with inpatient insurance. Here the policyholder gets proper coverage for all outpatient facilities after and before the surgery. You can also add dental and optical care expenses under this policy.

However, there might be some inclusions and exclusions in different health insurance policies as per the insurance providers. Consult with them to know the same.

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